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Thank You For Your Time!

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Here is who we are and what we are going to do for you! 


Danielle & Daniel Farai 

We're a skilled husband-wife real estate duo, offering unique advantages in buying and selling. With superior marketing, expert negotiation, and a focus on lasting relationships, we ensure an exceptional customer experience. Trust us with your largest investment—we'll navigate the complexities for you.

Listing on the Market & Sold in 2023 

Click HERE to check all our listings activity. 

Dedication To Our Clients 

As committed realtors, my wife and I synergize the resources of our Broker with personalized, high-end customer service. From beginning to end, we stand by you. Our clients aren't just transactions; they're individuals we genuinely care about. 

Professional HDR and Aerial Photography + Video Reel 
We offer professional photography and aerial shots, specialized video reels for property marketing. Our top-tier services earn our commission, also featuring captivating indoor drone videos for enhanced social media visibility. 

Online and Offline Marketing Material 

We design professional property flyers for on-site distribution and create engaging social media posts to boost your online visibility.


Advocacy and Negotiation Skills

We champion your interests in real estate transactions and we work hard on securing favorable deals, handling terms and concessions. 

Selling a house isn't just finding a buyer; it's about securing the best deal. We bring expertise in local markets, effective marketing, negotiation skills, a valuable network, time-saving convenience, MLS access for broader visibility, and professional  knowledge. While commissions may appear as an extra cost, skilled agents often lead to a faster, higher-priced sale, outweighing the fees. Choosing an agent wisely is crucial for you to have the best return in value. 


MLS Input & Syndication to 900+ websites 

Goes without saying that your property will be added to the Multiple Listings Service. When you entrust us with listing your property, it receives exposure on over 900+ websites. This includes prominent home search platforms like Zillow and, as well as on websites of competing brokers. It's worth noting that not all brokers provide this level of exposure to competitors' websites. Click PDF icon below for more information. 


Showingtime is a third-party service for property showings. Manages scheduling, registration, and agent feedback. Customize notifications via email/text. Set preferred hours/days to control visitor access efficiently.

Reverse Prospecting 

We make it a point to personally email all agents who have potential buyers within their market.

Our Commission Is Negotiable

We tailor commission rates to each client's unique needs through open communication and negotiation for a fair and mutually beneficial agreement. Let's discuss your specific circumstances and determine the appropriate rate for our exceptional services. 

Why RE/MAX?  

Click any of the images to download comprehensive details explaining why RE/MAX is consistently the optimal choice.

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Little Tip For You

The Kitchen Will Sell Your House

When selling a home, the kitchen is often considered a crucial and influential factor in potential buyers' decisions. A well-designed and modern kitchen can significantly enhance a home's appeal and value. Buyers often prioritize a functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, as it is a key space for daily activities and socializing. Therefore, investing in an attractive kitchen can positively impact the overall marketability and desirability of a property.

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Our Team, Your Realtors

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